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Peek a Boo

Focuses on Joint Attention, Play Skills and Early Social Emotional Development.

Let's Play (2 levels)

Focuses on Advanced Joint Attention, varioius stages of Pretend Play and providing specific strategies for peer play and social interaction.

That's Cool (3 Levels)

Social Cognitive Therapy using Michelle Garcia Winner and 10 other research-based methodologies for social understanding. Role play, video modeling and specific strategies for anxiety and anger management.

Learning in Motion

Focuses on sensory processing, motor planning, balance and coordination skills.

Verbal Behavior (Group Learner)

Focuses on group lessons to foster language understanding and expression using a behavior language approach.

Individual Learner Clinic-based ABA

Focuses on individualized lessons to foster development of communication, social and self-help skills in clinic. Day Program for Autism and related diagnoses.

Individual Learner Home-based ABA

Focuses on indiviualized lessons to foster development of communication, social and self-help skills. Focus on parent education so parents can implement strategies at home.

Language to Reading Lab

Focuses on all aspects of oral and printed language: vocabulary, grammar, phonemmic awareness, fluency, deductive reasoning, predicting, summarizing and comprehension.


Focuses on development of handwriting skills.

Session 1

June 3 - June 14

Session 2

June 17 - June 28

Session 3

July 8 - July 19

Session 4

July 22 - August 2

Session 5

August 5 - August 16
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**Registration closes May 24th 2013 for Summer 1. A screening is required prior to registration. Please call 798-2273 to make your appointment ASAP!